A Nonprofit Empowers Black Girls to Know Their Worth

I love highlighting stories of Black triumph. As a professional who has worked in the nonprofit sector for almost a decade, this is undoubtedly a critical time to work in philanthropy. Between battling twin pandemics, and facing another economic recession, it can be hard to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. But for nonprofit founder Tiara Shelton, prioritizing the needs of Black girls everywhere is the beacon of hope to hold on to and fight for.

What can you tell us about your organization?

Raise Your Worth is a one stop shop for Black women and young girls to receive the resources and words to truly believe and receive everything they need to succeed. Currently we provide empowerment programs, events, and apparel to uplift and connect black women. We are big on impacting the upcoming generation of leaders, young girls in middle school through college as well as our current movers and shakers. 

What was the motivation to create this organization?

My father. In 2014 my father sat and asked me, a young twenty-something, random questions that I now know were staging me for what he saw as a solution to an ongoing need. A need for Black women to not only know how worthy we are regardless of our circumstances and past but to also to set the bar and raise our worth through self development, professional development, and sisterhood.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everyday conversations with friends, family, and strangers. I would also say inspiration has been drawn from my daily experiences with simply being, and trying to navigate this life thing as a young Black woman. My conversations and experiences have began to be my push to keep going with my movement and bigger picture. It’s like ‘hey, we all still need the motivation, the reality sharing, and most importantly the “Yes, sis you can do whatever you are thinking. I know society is telling you or showing you you can’t but you can and will.” It is so many subliminal and very clear messages that tell Black women we are not enough and that is simply not true. We are the queens, the trendsetters, the people everyone wants to be, when we are truly ourselves. 

Who is your target clientele?

  • Young Black girls aged 12-21 who show interest in advancing academically, artistically, or through enrichments
  • Black women ages 22-50 seeking personal development and/or business development, and being a part of a prospering network

What is your organization’s mission?

Raise Your Worth provides empowering events, apparel, and consulting services to Black women through online and in person platforms. This is in efforts to address the devastating statistics of unequal pay, lack of representation, and criminalizing stereotypes that continue to reject and deny Black women at alarming rates in schools and careers. We are on a mission to create a world filled with confident Black women and girls, leading the world.  

How can we support you?

You can support us by liking and following our Facebook and Instagram pages and content. Other ways to support include saving, commenting, and sharing posts, attending our virtual events and joining our book club. We currently have beautiful totes and sweatshirts for sale. All proceeds go to events and funding for our future center and initiatives. 

Most importantly, the best way to help is by sharing our organization and mission. Allow us to be spoken of in rooms we are unable to be in at the moment but would benefit from being connected to! Especially potential funders and investors for our center! 

Do you have any upcoming events?

We have an upcoming career series coming based on interview prep and salary negotiations. Two dear colleagues who are in the corporate world will be joining to discuss all things from finding the job for you and getting the salary you deserve

Date and Details will be announced this month on our website and webpages. The event will be virtual and have a capacity limit. 

How long has your organization been in existence?

5 years existing to the world, about six years working in the streets! Our first event “Life After High School” was August 2014 – A dinner for high school graduates heading into the real world or college. Gratefully, in the midst of the pandemic we were able to host an event for graduating high school seniors which allowed us to reach across multiple states! 

What does being Black-owned mean to you?

Black-owned to me is a gift I never imagined I would be grateful to partake in. My mom would tell me growing up I couldn’t work for anyone and I took it the wrong way for years, forcing a 9-5 when in reality she was saying what I say now. I want things done the way I feel is best and I have a million ideas that don’t always have a space in the 9-5 nonprofit that is still 90% ran by whites but serving millions of color. Being black owned means with my family and people I am capable of making an impact and income. It does mean more challenges will exist but preserving means even more. Black people are the most loving, supporting, and honest people to be surrounded by and that is what scares many races, but it energizes and motivates me. I know as my business excels my people are excelling. Everything I am able to do is because of my people, everything I believe I am capable of doing is because of my people. Everything I desire to do and have planned is for my people. Being Black owned at a time like this reminds me how dope we are and that so much awaits on the other side as the disgusting injustices of this country are revealed and dealt with with old and new strategies and a different will and grit. 

What are your goals for the organization?

Raise Your Worth will be a center serving both of our target populations, and the Dallas community in a very unique way. It will not only expose and educate young girls to opportunities but provide employment, networking space, and a sisterhood safe space for women only. 

After establishing this establishment in my hometown, Raise Your Worth will also begin to have research driven programs in schools and communities across the U.S. and projects in the Caribbeans and Motherland. Lastly, we will have representation pieces such as our totes and hoodies being seen across the states reminding everyone who we are what what we represent.

Let’s support our girl Tiara and our fellow Black girls! Check out more about her organization below:

Website: https://raiseyourworth.org/

IG: instagram.com/raiseyourworth

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raiseyourworth

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