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Moradeyo Adeyi is a consultant, writer, social worker, and an adjunct professor at Hunter College.

As an Equity & Inclusion consultant her focus is on providing tools to assist professionals in building antiracist workplaces. She does this by facilitating discussions, coaching leaders, and offering training and knowledge sharing on inclusion, oppression, race and equity. She aims to help leaders identify inclusion gaps in their companies and provide recommend solutions, training, and education around oppression’s impact on company culture and business success.

Moradeyo is a Licensed Master Social Worker with a strong desire to cultivate inclusive and anti-oppressive workspaces through training and education. She has recently launched MYA Consulting Group to bring her deep expertise and knowledge of oppression, antiracism, and equity to startups and other corporate environments.

At Hunter College she runs the Practice Lab on Oppression with the purpose of introducing core antiracist frameworks and approaches to the social work graduate students with the goal that students come away with skills for incorporating social justice models into their work and lives. Moradeyo also works with the NADAP, where she trains and educates aspiring social workers in care coordination, with an emphasis on assisting clients with achieving their health and wellness goals.

Moradeyo earned her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. In her spare time she enjoys writing, romantic comedies and running.