Black Brands to Watch: Lyrically Correct

Well guys, it’s happened. It has finally gotten cold enough that it’s time to start thinking about how we gon’ get through the fall/winter season. I’ve been stocking up on athleisurewear, making a Netflix binge list, in addition to buying loads of vitamins and supplements. But fear not my friends, the colder months don’t have to be a downer. Especially if you start adding games like Lyrically Correct to your game night menu. I had the opportunity to interview Tiffany Jones, one of the four creators of this innovative music trivia game. It’s gon’ be a hit at your socially distant game nights ya’ll!

Who are the creators of the game? 

My husband and I along with his cousin and his cousin’s wife. Together, the four of us created Lyrically Correct.  Each couple has been married for 4 years and surprisingly enough we are both high school sweethearts. This is both of our first ventures as married business partners. 

What’s the premise of the game? 

Here at Lyrically Correct, the premise of everything we do is the turn up. While you will be turning up and having a fun game night, the goal is to be the team with the most points. Therefore, you will have bragging rights to say that you are Lyrically Correct, which means you know more lyrics than the other team and your knowledge of lyrics from our favorite songs are on point. 

What was the initial inspiration for the game?

We saw a couple of music trivia questions on Instagram and we thought that a Hip-Hop and R & B game would be cool. We then went to the drawing board and created the content into what is now Lyrically Correct. We had a couple of versions of the game including a finishing the line type of game and that didn’t stick. We wanted something that would truly test our players in a competitive but fun way. Everyone thinks they know the lyrics, but do they really?  We made sure all aspects of the game were a true test, where making an educated guess wouldn’t cut it and if you did guess one card right you would have to know the next card. If you notice some of our challenge cards also bring in different aspects of some game-play versions that didn’t make the cut. 

What does being Black owned mean to you? 

Black Owned to me is all things created, produced and distributed by Black People. Black owned businesses in particular changes our narrative and brings ownership back to our communities. Truth is that we aren’t at the stage of also manufacturing all of our goods. However, when that day comes we will really take over. 

What motivates you?

To be quite honest, I am motivated most by my 1 year old daughter MJ. MJ is fearless, sure, caring, funny and a true boss. She already has it ALL but my husband and I also get to instill some great values in her. I live by leading by example. It’s important for me to show her all the things a woman can be. We can be a great wife, a loving and connected mother and boss lady who runs a business or multiple businesses all at the same time. We can do it all. We aren’t limited to one part of our lives. 

Who is your target clientele? 

Right now, we are looking for fans of Hip Hop and R & B and they come in all different types. However, being that this first edition is from the 90’s and 2000’s, as a business, our target demographic would be people between about the ages of 25-50. 

Where can we purchase the game? 

You can purchase the game directly from our website ( ) 

What can we anticipate next for the brand? 

More editions!! We will create different decks intended to cater to various audiences. We are excited for some of the future editions specifically tapping into the LatinX and other Carribean cultures. For example, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton, and Bachata are some of the musical genres we have cooking. 

Ya’ll be sure to cop yours, it’s gon be a long winter!

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