Black Owned Brands to Watch: Tru Aesthetix

According to Remedy Grove, crystals are said to have “vibrations” or “frequencies” at which they vibrate. These frequencies help balance the environment, and for people, can help in balancing the chakras, the basic fundamental aspects of our being.

I got into crystals years ago, when I was going through a rough patch and looking to connect deeper to my Higher Self. I happened to stumble into Namaste Bookshop, and got schooled on all the crystals and their meanings. I truly believe that they have added to my life in a positive way, and I think we could all use some good energy during this time of crisis. As fate would have it, I found Jasmyn’s Instagram, and felt that it was absolutely necessary to promote her brand, Tru Aesthetix.

What inspired you to create Tru Aesthetix Jewelry?

Last year when I was getting into crystals, I also decided to try my hand in making my own jewelry with them. After receiving so much positive feedback from my friends, I realized this could be a calling for me. So I created Tru Aesthetix to be my creative outlet while spreading knowledge and connecting with others over the love of crystals.

What influences your ideas for the pieces?

The pieces are mostly influenced by the crystal itself. Most are intuitively wrapped, meaning I just let the wire go where it wants. I even have ideas come to me in dreams.

Where do you make the jewelry?

I make all the jewelry at home in my sacred space. My process is to sit on my comfy floor pillows, light my favorite incense or candle on occasion, and put on some crystal jewelry myself to keep me in a peaceful, creative mindset. I’m usually watching anime while I create too.

How long has Tru Aesthetix been in existence?

Tru Aesthetix is 4 months old, I just launched it on April 23rd. It was scary to launch a new business during the peak of the pandemic, but 4/23 was a date that kept calling to me. So I decided to just trust the signs and follow through with it. 
Who is your target clientele?

Tru Aesthetix is for those who are into self-expression through accessories and apparel. Whether you’re spiritual or religious, regardless of gender and style expression, belief in the power of crystals is a universal thing. All pieces are intended to be as inclusive as possible.

What motivates you?

I’m motivated by helping people and by sharing the gifts of the earth through crystals.

Where do you hail from? How much does your upbringing influence your brand?

I’m from Chicago, born and raised. I’d say it has a fair amount because this city holds my roots, but I’m mostly influenced by the similarities between my roots and the diverse perspectives and cultures that I’ve encountered while being out of the city. Those similarities, the experiences that connect us despite the distance, influence Tru Aesthetix.

What does it mean to you to be Black owned?

To me, it means resilience, and uplifting and giving back to my own. Honestly I had no intention of being a black entrepreneur for years. It wasn’t until I truly found a way to contribute to the collective that went beyond being in business for monetary gain that I decided to pursue it. I’m just thankful I’m able to do my part in any way I can.

Do you have any favorite jewelry brands?

My jewelry style is always changing, but lately I’ve been into Local Eclectic because they are home to a variety of different designers. I’ve also been loving Majestic Intentions and Ebony and Green.

What is next for the brand, what upcoming pieces are you excited about?

It’s been exciting for me to jump into offering bracelets and necklace/bracelet sets only 3 months into launching. In the near future, I can’t wait to get into other metals and possibly offer mixed metal pieces. I hope to expand Tru Aesthetix outside of jewelry and into apparel and home decor too. I’m all about variety!

Get your chakras aligned ya’ll!

IG: @tru_aesthetix


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