Release and Reset.

Iʼve been releasing things for the past few months. Literally people, places, and things. Itʼs been a constant theme as of late, and I canʼt say itʼs been a bad thing.

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We spend a lot of time rushing to get to the next thing. The next weekend, the next month, the next job, the next relationship. We take it for granted that we have days to waste. Days wishing things were different, complaining and having the same conversations over and over again. Instead of living moment to moment.

I used to be a planner and a worrier. I allowed this to define me and thatʼs just ‘who I was.ʼ I realize now as I continue to evolve, that at the core, thatʼs not who I am. Itʼs this persona  Iʼve attached to myself and accepted. When in reality, all of it is a choice. You can choose to be high strung, or laid back. You can choose to be messy or tidy. You can choose to be lazy, or inconsistent. You can choose to complain or you can choose to work harder. Itʼs always been your choice. But you can always choose to be different. The same time and effort we spend studying our own patterns and behaviors is the same energy we need to use to actively change. Whatever that looks like.I choose to trust myself, and my growth. I choose to allow myself to trust the process, and to restart over and over again. I choose to keep going, I choose to be optimistic. I choose to believe in love again. Thatʼs all it is.

When I talk about release, I mean releasing things that no longer serve me. This could be friendships, jobs, negative feelings, habits,etc. Sometimes things donʼt work how they used to. Sometimes, the way youʼve dealt with things in the past isnʼt bringing you any relief. Sometimes that person you thought you loved and wanted, isnʼt the person meant for you. Sometimes, your own bad habits keep you from moving forward. Make a choice. Itʼs not always pleasant, sometimes itʼs hella dramatic. There have been plenty of moments in the past few months that have me wondering wtf is even happening? But I know that when I look back, it will all make sense. I know I will be better because of it.

When it comes to relationships, don’t worry about how others do things. None of us function the same in relationships. We grow differently, we grieve differently, we love differently. There’s no point in comparing. Do what feels good and works for you.

Let go of that shitty friendship. Actively seek out peace when your spirit is disrupted. Fly off the radar, turn off your phone. You don’t have to entertain shit that doesn’t feel good.

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Sometimes you gotta release it because holding on to whatever it is youʼre holding onto is preventing you from moving forward or living the happiest, peaceful version of you. Do what you gotta do, and donʼt apologize for it. You know what you need better than anybody else.

Youʼll be surprised how amazing and inspiring life can become, when you eliminate distractions that are hurting you. Stop and assess. Re-evaluate. Eliminate. Restart.

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