A Note on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers and Friends! Ya’ll know I couldn’t let this day pass without saying a little something on it. This post is written by a guest male blogger and his thoughts on Feb 14. Enjoy!


Cards, Teddy Bears, Roses, Tulips, Candy, Chocolates, and different fragrances appear on your co-workers desk.
Your friends post gifts on their social media and its covering your entire timeline.
You get upset because you didn’t receive anything. It ruins your mood.
You vocalize your anger and smear it on your page through subliminal quotes in hopes that others support your disdain for not receiving a gift just like your friend.

Why are you focused on visuals from another person?
Why are you so pressed to compare yourself to the next person, when you don’t know what they’re going through?
Those flowers could be “make-up” gifts for a person that may be in trouble.
Some women even go through the trouble to mailing themselves flowers to make it seem [to everyone else] that they are in a relationship.
Why would you go through that for one day?
Valentines Day is a special day, especially for romance, but it doesn’t deserve the exaggerated attention it seems to get.

Couples and Singles aren’t really pressed for this day. People in a relationship already know their significant other enough to know what to expect from them. Singles love themselves and don’t carry any expectations. The problem lies in…

Situationships: A lot of people seem to get confused or lose common sense in this category.
Most people invest energy in an environment with little in return and they become hurt. We understand: falling for someone that doesn’t like you back equally is devastating. It occurs a lot and the majority of people would rather invent “unrealistic expectations” or live in denial before they truthfully address their feelings. Most women place emphasis on Valentines Day because they believe that the reciprocation of spending time with someone they like results in an earned gift of flowers or candy delivered to the office.
This instance looks great on paper, however it only works if both parties agreed upon this expectation. “Hurt Happens” when one person makes an unrealistic expectation and tries to force an interaction.


For those of you who still don’t get the picture and need explicit details, here it is:
If V-Day Gifts/Presents weren’t explicitly stated in a convo
Or hints weren’t dropped for you to make plans… guess what? No Gift.
Ya’ll don’t speak frequently on the phone? Besides text? No Gift.
The conversation is usually dry? Ya’ll don’t have a real connection besides physical? No Gift.
Ya’ll haven’t gone places together? No Gift.
Its disappointing to r-e-a-l-l-y like someone that doesn’t like you back, but life always has its ups and its downs. Learn from the loss, improve yourself, and move on. Showing off your hurt draws criticism and makes things worse… “Scars are not tattoos” (Little Woman, Big Words).
Don’t put too much emphasis on a day that was man-made anyway. Eventually you will find your significant other and you will receive your due share of love when the time comes. Until then, enjoy your time being single; changing your perspective & thoughts to make yourself be a “work in progress” instead of “lonely” creates positive energy for you to build off of.

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