‘The Come Up’ Presents: AmandaLuxe


Hello Friends! Tryna get my groove back with this writing business, life has been very crazy as of late. Anywho, there’s a lot of shit that’s been going down. I’d like to introduce all of ya’ll to the latest creative of color doing big things in nyc. She’s been published on Afropunk.com as well as Fashionista.com, and her name is Amandaluxe. Check her out!


How long has amandaluxe.com been in existence?
The name has been in existence for 4 years, but I launched the fashion brand in 2015.

Who is AmandaLuxe?
Amanda is: A Pro-Black, whimsical artist who thrives off of abstract colors, visually appealing aesthetics, and (of course) melanin. AmandaLuxe is: a revolutionary fashion brand addressing racial politics

What’s your latest project?

Photo Credit: Bryce Lennon

‘Jumping Colors: An Ode to Melanin’ which showcases the radiance of black women.

Sounds dope, what inspired this project?
Howard University.I’ve always gone to predominantly white schools, so it was such an experience finally going to school with people who looked just like me. I just realized one day, like damn! There’s a lot of beautiful black women here. We should celebrate this. This project was implemented to celebrate the glory of melanin and to address the beauty in the various pigments of brown women.                                                                  

What are your goals for 2016?

To become an Art Director for an established emerging luxury designer in the black community (someone like Kerby Jean-Raymond or Laquan Smith), become employed by Marc Jacobs Int, shoot out at least 4 more quality articles to Fashionista, complete two (maybe 3 or 4) more art projects for amandaluxe and host a successful art showcase for the one year anniversary of the rebranding of amandaluxe.

What inspires you in general?
My experiences. For example, I did a whole project on interracial dating based on my own personal experiences called Iced Coffe w/Soy. The whole idea behind Iced Coffee w. Soy was aimed to address the artistic beauty in interracial relationships; showcasing a monochrome concept. Because of my own personal pessimistic views on interracial relationships, I wanted to challenge myself as an artist to execute something beautiful even though I feel the opposite.


          Photo Credit: Ryan McCaulsky

What should people take away from amandaluxe.com? What would you want people to learn?

 People should know I’m a passionate artist who is sensitive about her shit. Every vision I think of, every image published on my website took dedication, strategic planning and organization. I take my work very seriously and I never want to be undermined for what I do.

         Remember who put you on first! 

Twitter: @amandaluxe

Website: http://www.amandaluxe.com/

IG: amandaluxe 






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