102 posts later… A year in review

Finally got a chance to review the last year of this here blog.

First off, Happy 2016! I’m coming off of an amazing Christmas and an unforgettable NYE. I can truly say I’m starting the year off on a positive note.


Son, it was a crazy year for me in regards to writing. I definitely pushed myself to write more, think more, GO THERE, and feel super content with what I created. I hosted not one, but TWO blogging events, and I co-authored a book this year, reached 88 countries worldwide, as well as increasing readership as a whole. In short, I feel pretty damn good. BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YET.




https://anopensecret.com/2015/annual-report/   —–> This all you guys. ❤

I recently started my AnOpenSecret.com podcast. There’s going to be special guests, pop culture commentary, weekly rant, as well as the usual dating, love & bullshit in between. This will be weekly, so tune in! Here’s the link kids!

https://soundcloud.com/always_mlove  ——> check it out, comment, share, TELL A FRIEND. 🙂

I just wanted to say, thanks so much for reading, sharing, commenting, and entertaining my ideas. Ya’ll are truly wonderful, and I appreciate it so much. Let’s keep this thing rolling! Happy New Year!



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