Getting MY Shit Together….But Here’s My Spreecast

So…a million things have been going on with me, personally and professionally ya’ll. I’ve been trying to get my mind right, and am taking Thanksgiving break to center myself.

But, i’m not gonna leave ya’ll hanging! I’ve been doing a bunch of side projects, most recently a spreecast called ‘The Secret’s Out’  with my best friend/co-host Bryce Lennon aka Karmike from Check out his website on all the latest fashion and style! Tune in every Tuesday at 9:45pm eastern time, we talk about all the things: relationships, dating, celebrities, and other random shit.

I’ll be back after this holiday with more topics on dating, love, & the bullshit in between.

Check me out, ask questions, come with topics, we’d love to hear from you peeps! 🙂

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