Lessons in Love: the 2013 edition

Twenty five was definitely a learning year for me. I have definitely grown in many ways as a person, and have discovered a lot of things about matters of the heart. As the year winds down, I think it’s important to reflect on where I’ve been, where I am , and where I’m going. I have finally figured out exactly what I want, and am ready to start 2014 with a fresh sense of optimism.

What did I learn, you may ask?
I learned to be more vocal about my wants and needs. I learned to be comfortable with my flaws. I learned to be vulnerable. I learned that it’s okay to cry. I learned that I am worthy of love. I learned to communicate better. I learned that despite getting my heart broken, I want love, and am willing to try again when the time is right. I learned to be patient, and to be less selfish. I also learned that sometimes it’s best to let go when things aren’t working out. Finally, I learned that I am getting closer to the relationship that I desire and deserve.

I thought it would be cute to reflect together. Positive lessons learned about love, dating, and relationships. I decided to send out a mass text to everyone I knew, asking what they are taking from this year. The responses were from singles, couples, and the newly engaged. I will say that most of the responses were positive, some were a little salty, but overall, everyone learned something about themselves.Read on, friends.

‘It doesn’t exist, it’s all a fraud. #FuckLove.’

‘I think love is a blessing not everyone gets to have but if you do make sure you’re ready for it.’’

‘You can’t change a person. But if you do harp on a very specific habit (chewing with mouth open) all the time you might change that habit. Or the person may break up with you for nagging. Either way, habit gone.’

‘Well I learned that if you keep guarding your feelings and never learn to put your full trust in someone your gonna have a long, bitter, lonely life…’

‘I have learned you have the best love and relationships when you let go of your expectations and your preconceived notions of things. ‘

appreciating the person who has always been there makes you fall in love all over again.’[so cute!]

‘’when you love and care for someone their frustrations become your own.’

‘Never let myself get stale. Date nights are important. Taking notes on your significant other are great guides.’

‘Be honest and up front. Don’t try to sugarcoat things. Texting is not dating. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…until you both agree you aren’t dating other people you should keep your options open.’

‘Had my first orgasm. Learned that I can actually be happy and 100% comfortable with him. We had a struggle with alcohol, like we can’t day drink like we use to cause we end up fighting. I enjoy the shows say yes to the dress/four weddings. Meeting each other’s families.’

‘There is no way a relationship works without the sincerest form of empathy, regardless of the type of relationship. I think what it comes down to is that people just want to feel appreciated and understood, wanted and needed, and the willingness to put your selfishness aside(even just for one minute) and truly listen, help, or just *be* for that person will go a long way. ‘

‘Love is simple. The most beautiful things happen without forcing them. And love is being every grimy beautiful hue of you, no fakes, no falsies.’

I LOVED this one:

‘2013:A true love story never ends.’

Feel free to share thoughts on what you have learned this year about love and shit. I’d love to hear it, only a few more posts until 2014 people.

Be well.

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