My Body is Your Party….Actually It’s Not.


You can’t keep your hands off me, touch me right there, rock my body
I can’t keep my hands off you, your body is my party
I’m doing this little dance for you
You got me so excited
Now it’s just me on you
Your body’s my party, let’s get it started…


Let’s talk about sex. Lately it’s been a topic of discussion, in various social settings. It seems that everyone’s a little preoccupied. Those that are not having it, want it, those that are having it, are doing with the wrong people. In the end everyone is getting screwed, pun intended, and I’ll tell you why. 

The thing about women, is that we have these amazing things called vaginas. I’m sure you guys of heard of this body part before, probably read about it, watched a video, etc. It has come to my attention, that women don’t understand the power they wield over their own ladyparts. It’s our bodies, we decide which penis is allowed to penetrate, always. We need to start taking that power back. 

Specifically, single women. Listen, if you really like a guy, there’s no reason why you should feel the need to give him some from jump. He must work for it. He must earn your trust, treat you respecftully, and most importantly, he must value your body. Too many females are rushing into the bedroom without even having any kind of discussion about what is really going on. Before you spread your legs, let’s ask ourselves a few questions shall we?

1) Does this guy even like me?

Does he like you? Does he think you’re smart? Would he take you out? Has he taken you out? Or is he strictly in it for your goodies and nothing else?

2) If he doesn’t call me back ever, how am I gonna feel?

Are we emotionally capable of taking the L? Will I regret that I gave him some at all? Is it worth the possibility that he will play me or hurt my feelings?

3) What is the point of this?

Is the 20 minutes of pleasure going to keep me warm at night? Is this a fuck buddy situation, or is there a possibility that I want more? Has this been discussed?

4) Do I even like this guy?

Am I comfortable being so intimate with someone who doesn’t really know me? Do I feel comfortable with this person? Is this responsible emotionally and physically?

5) What about my vagina?

Is he sleeping with lots of girls at the same damn time? Do I care? If I don’t, why not? What if he has something? I just let him eat it, with no fucks given. What happens if he does have something? Am I willing to risk it?

I’m just saying. Women need to stop treating their vagina, like if it stops working, you can just get it replaced. This is YOUR BODY. Be a little bit more selective with whom you choose to share it with, because you only get one. 

This post is not just about women, this is about men as well. Guys, we get it. You’re constantly horny, you love sticking your peen in our warm holes, great. But, RELAX! If you really want to get in her pants, ya’ll are going to have to really sell it. Don’t think that just because you text us, that you automatically get the goods. No no, honey! Any smart, respectable woman is gonna need a little bit more to drop the panties. Don’t think that inviting her to your place the first time you hang out, that it’s gonna go down. Ladies, don’t set yourself up! You better tell that dude, you go on dates. We are in our mid to late 20s for pete’s sake! You still doin the same shit you were doing in college, and expecting to find a decent man. STOPPIT. We as women complain about how men ain’t shit…take a good look at your own habits. You let everyone taste the goods without putting in work, you’re lessening your own value. You are a goddess dammit. Your ladyparts are like…some rare, expensive jewel. Only the worthy should have access to it. You DESERVE that, and so do your ladyparts. I’m not saying wait till marriage, or go celibate, because it’s obviously your choice. I’m just saying if you’re frustrated with how your love life is playing out, do something about it. Examine your own habits, and start evaluating what’s not working. 

From my own experience, nothing was gained by giving a guy some early on…but heartache. I’ve found that my most meaningful relationships have occurred when I waited. Sex is important, but it’s not the only thing. Stop letting your body be everyone’s party, save the festivities for someone who actually gives a damn about you, and shows it. 


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