Just My Thoughts [Part II.]

I am in a mood. When I get in this sort of mood, i do a series of things in order to get through it. I usually buy oreos and Lactaid (lactose intolerant over here), watch a bunch of nonsense on TV, and stay home most of the day. I also write the most, during this time. So here I am. I’m not sure if I could attribute my current demeanor to Aunt Flow’s upcoming visit, or if I have felt this niggling feeling underneath all of the whirlwind of fun, social activities i’ve been involved with. But I am honestly, disappointed. I don’t think I ever realized, just how far a guy will go to sleep with a female, and/or make him his flavor of the week. Over the weekend I was at various house parties and a barbeque. The weather is hot, us girls are in our sundresses and hats, and the drinks are flowing. You go out with two things in mind. One to have a good time, and two with the small hope that you will meet a beautiful stranger. Not necessarily your husband, but someone to catch your interest. Let me tell you guysImage, I witnessed some of the most blatant, underhanded fraudulence by the opposite sex. It was appalling. One minute, your male potential is telling you how beautiful you are, and he wants to take you out, meet his mom, etc. The next minute he’s whispering in the next girl’s ear saying the same thing. Which would be fine, except that you don’t even have the decency to wait until the first girl is powdering her nose, or leaves the room. You give no fucks about your deceit. I was so incredibly bothered. Also, I love that certain guys will tell you anything to get in bed with you. Of course as a female, you know that if you invite a guy upstairs for a nightcap, there is a chance that he’s going to try and sleep with you. Maybe I’m naive in thinking that, for once, I may be surprised. But to me, if you want to fuck me and that’s it, just say so. Don’t butter me up with compliments and false promises when you know your intention it to fuck and that’s it. Don’t ask a girl to meet your mom, and then say the same thing to the next chick that walks in the room. Don’t ask a girl out on a date, and then not call. It’s wrong, and it has real repercussions. It’s wrong because men are quick to call a single female ‘bitter’ because she’s distrusting and skeptical. OF COURSE WE ARE SKEPTICAL. Just like a few bitches can turn a man off of relationships, the same goes for a single female trying to start something new with a guy. A few bad guys can ultimately skew a woman’s hopes on ever meeting a nice guy. It’s like…. constantly trying to look at the glass as half full, and the glass keeps getting knocked over. Every time you as a man don’t call when you say you’re going to. Every time you sleep with a girl and never see her again. Every time you tell her she’s beautiful, and it’s not true, you are damaging her. You are crushing the little optimism that she has about meeting a great guy. You are making her reconsider that happy endings exist. Think about that.

I write this because….the best thing to have when you are single is other single friends. It is sad to witness your girls trying to be optimistic and put themselves out there, only to be constantly disappointed. Just like when I wrote the post on The Great Gatsby. Men have the power to turn good girls into bitches as well. Treat females the way you would treat your sister, cousin, mother.

It’s not necessary to deceive each other. There are already enough damaged hearts in the world, let’s not add any more unnecessarily. 


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