I Usually Don’t Do This But…

I NEVER share my poetry. ever. seriously.

Maybe I’m feeling brave tonight. Maybe I just trust you guys. Fuck it.

I Knew I was Yours.

My heart is bursting.
My head is buzzing, fuzzy from glasses of wine
Your lips are moving, and I stare at them, entranced
I am nervous, but feeling bold altogether.
Reaching for your beer, I pull it from your glass
Setting it down, to your surprise
I grab your face with my hands, and I fill you with me
I feel you return my advances, and I smile quietly to myself
I know that you’re mine once again.
I knew I was yours
Over cheese omelets and mimosas
I could feel the tears running down my face
As I wiped at them hastily
I could hear my heart thumping in my chest
As you looked at me, with a hint of sadness
Sharing, telling me stories
I knew it then.
I knew it still, in the light of your bedroom
The music was loud, but all I could hear was the sound of your heart
As your arms encircled my waist
I looked up, and our lips met
I kissed you long and deep, drowning in you
I knew it then.
When you left, I could feel the hollowness of my heart
I could barely take the ache, waking up gasping and out of breath
Hot tears flooding my cheeks, dripping down my neck, into the crevice of my breasts.
Thick walls muffled my sobs
As I tried to busy myself, I could see
The memories of you, filling my mind
A smile would escape my lips, as I remembered your laugh.
Or the sound of your snores after a long day
Or the way I felt when you kissed my forehead, cool lips brushing my hairline
I knew it then.
I know it still, tapping my foot nervously, against the bar stool
I hear your voice behind me, and we lock eyes
For the first time in months
I know I am yours still.

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