it’s a great feeling when you realize your worth.

I had my epiphany about 9pm last night after having dinner with this guy I had been seeing for the past three months. long story short,the rose colored glasses came off and I realized he was in fact, a fail. He was irresponsible,immature, and not the sweet,considerate guy I had fallen for. There were two deal breakers that sealed the deal for me. One, he could not articulate why he enjoyed spending time with me. This is a direct quote, I couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried:

‘you’re cool.i mean….we vibe well together.’

(insert blank stare here)

First of all ‘cool’ is the most ambiguous adjective in the history of life. The sky is ‘cool.’ That documentary was ‘cool.’ DO NOT describe a girl you are dating as cool,gentlemen. It will not go over well.

Lastly,for the first time, the sex was whack. I’m talking 15 minutes. That is absolutely unacceptable. You have the nerve to get your rocks off without letting me get mine. Selfish bastard.

When he was dismissed, I realized that my mother was right. You know moms be knowin. I would be settling. Settling for someone who doesn’t see what a catch I am. I’m not perfect in the slightest. But I know I have a lot of love to give. I know I’m loyal,honest, and caring. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t value that. It would be unfair to myself.

This goes for all the single,independent,strong women out there.Our recovery time has to be quicker. When the opposite sex fails, give yourself a minute to grieve.Then remind yourself how fucking awesome you are and MOVE ON. It’s 2013, ain’t nobody got time to be moping and shit. Know your worth.

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