She’s not a Bitch…You’re just sad.

I’m noticing an interesting pattern with the guys in my life. Whether they are friends or lovers, when the topic of ‘the ex’ comes’s the same story.

‘ well things ended badly with my ex.She was crazy… She was a bitch… She cheated… And THIS IS WHY BITCHES AIN’T SHIT.

I’ve heard a variation of this story from several guys. It actually has come to the point where I truly believe everyone has dated the same girl. It is the same story ends the same…’.I have trust issues and that’s why I can’t be in a relationship again.’

I understand that dating someone for years and years takes a lot out of you.I cannot imagine loving someone and being so involved, …and then it ends. It’s devastating. No one wants to feel pain. But we forget, pain is what makes us learn and grow as people.

It’s funny,how men and women operate. If you speak to any woman, no matter how many times we have been hurt, we still want to be in love, and have someone return those feelings. As horrible and painful love is, it’s also amazing and life- changing. What I seem to be observing, is that men are so quick to give in on women completely. Men, I say this with love in my heart. Suck it the fuck up.

As a single female, I cannot tell you how many times I have been disappointed by the opposite sex. I cannot explain how many times I have cried or been hurt. But you know what’s funny? No matter what,I look forward to the day when I fall madly in love with someone and they in turn fall madly in love with me. Through it all,I still want it. That is what is so funny about men. You get hurt one time…and now you’re ready to throw in the towel forever. Shame on you!

How are you able to literally give up on an entire gender? All because one girl broke your heart a billion years ago? How weak is that? How weak is it that instead of being mature and admitting that your heart is broken and you are indeed ‘sad’ and need time, you refer to all women as ‘bitches and Hos?’ That is the biggest cop out I have ever seen, and it needs to end now.

I don’t entirely blame some guys from putting on this facade.i also blame our society. We don’t allow men to be hurt or vulnerable. We don’t give them space to grieve over a past relationship. Instead we call them weak. We call them soft. We don’t give them respect. It’s not right. I want to give a shout out to the men who really can be vocal about the fact that they are hurt.They are sad about a failed relationship, and that it is hard. You are the manliest man.

You all want to love just as badly as we do. No one wants to be alone. As hard it is, as much as it hurts, all of us want it. All of us need to fight harder. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it,right? Don’t ever give up. Don’t let one bad relationship stop you from meeting the person of your dreams.

Stop saying bitches ain’t shit. She’s not a bitch, you’re just sad. And that’s okay.

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