Let’s Play a Love Game…or Not.

There comes a point in time, where you as a young single person decide that you don’t wanna play the game. I’m not talking about Scrabble folks. I’m talking about the love games we play with the opposite sex. 

It goes a little something like this:
Girl likes boy. Girl tells girlfriends she’s feeling said boy. Girl takes a chance on the boy.boy breaks her heart. Girl is salty as fuck and a little bitter. Girl moves on. Months later, boy hits girl up, and wants to ‘hang out.’girl is befuddled.
Now I’m sure guys have a similar experience in terms of dealing with us females. Perhaps they have had this same conversation with their bros over a cold beer. I actually had this conversation with my girl and it was hilarious how we as genders subject ourselves to the trials and tribulations of trying to build something tangible with the opposite sex. It’s like playing a game of Monopoly. No one ever REALLY wants to play monopoly. Maybe in a rare moment, you’re like ‘ hey, maybe this will be fun this time.’ Sometimes it is. Sometimes, it fucking sucks. The game can go either way. But sometimes, you get to the point where you don’t want to play.
What do I  mean by this?i mean at some point, it’s no longer fun to go out and get a guys number and get a tiny bit excited/hopeful that he may actually hit you up, only to be disappointed that he doesn’t. It’s no longer fun to ‘talk’ to a boy for awhile and start to develop feelings, only for him to cease communication unexpectedly. It gets old being super optimistic all the time, and continuously being disappointed. Sometimes you have to just put your wheelbarrow back in the monopoly box and say ‘I don’t wanna play.’ *drops mic
Now this isn’t to say, you are throwing in the towel completely. If you’re at this point in your thought process, maybe it’s a good time to focus on other things. Like you perhaps. Maybe you have career goals you have been slacking on,maybe you packed on a few pounds and need to dust off that gym membership, maybe you are thinking about going back to school. Whatever the case may be,it’s never a bad idea to take a break from playing the game. Especially if it’s just not working.The important thing is to not give up, and put your wheelbarrow back on the game board again. Only and I mean only. If you’re absolutely ready to get back in.

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