The Hard Times of the Desperate Single

One of my favorite seasons is fall. somehow, it always brings about change, and hope for something new and fresh. it’s also the beginning of cuddle season [insert gasp here] dun dun DUNNNN….

I think at times when seasons change, it’s also a great time reflect on yourself. it seems as if the biggest changes i’m noticing amongst my age group is marriage and kids. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great that these individuals are settling down, and have found someone to grow old with. However, i feel that this is also a time that desperate females latch on to this first boy that looks their way. This is not to say that all single females struggle during this time of year. For most of us, it’s just another season. But there are the few sad souls that troll the bars and trains searching for a suitable mr. right now. these are what i all the desperate singles.

the definition of the desperate single is as follows. This is the girl who will literally take anything, no matter how broke, whack, or ugly he is. Just so she has someone to call her boo, baby, or boyfriend. Ladies ladies,stop the madness! Stop going after C+’s when you deserve A’s! Don’t be swayed by the impending cold weather. It’ll be okay.

This topic has been on my mind for several reasons. I had a convo with a dear friend about the fraudulence that parades all over social media. Millions of couples clogging your newsfeed with pictures of their mates, their shiny engagement rings, their new relationship statuses. It all LOOKS fine and dandy, but in reality, a lot of these couples are frauding for their imaginary fans. How do you Instagram pictures of you and your boo, talkin ’bout  ‘missing my baby’… when in reality you beat each other up and cheat on each other on the regular? How do you change your status to ‘in a relationship’ when your friends know that your supposed ‘boyfriend’ is sticking his thing in every vagina in the tri-state area? Who are you frauding for?! Desperate singles.

If the love between you and your significant other is real, you shouldn’t have to parade your business on every single social media available. You shouldn’t have to FAKE being happy in your relationship. It should just be. It should be real. It should NOT have to be validated by strangers who don’t even know you or your significant other.

This time can be very frustrating for single 20-somethings. But we must remember not to give in, just because we’re lonely to the first person who looks our way. That goes for both single guys and single girls. I def know some single men who have wifed atrocities because they were tired of looking. Beware. We aren’t getting any younger. No need to waste months/years on the wrong person for a false sense of security, instead of waiting for the right person who you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life. Don’t be desperate. You’re better than that.

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