Dating Fraudulence:Exposed

I want to alert my readers to a new trend that is sweeping the dating scene. It’s becoming an epidemic I tell you! What am I talking about? Simple. The dating frauds. Allow me to elaborate with a quick story.

Last summer I went to a bar with my girlfriend one random evening. We met these guys, and they seemed nice enough. So we’re chatting over drinks and food, and of course the inevitable question arises….so, what do you do? Now, in my experience this question is either received negatively or positively. One of the guys said he was a lawyer. So I asked him what kind of law. He says,” Oh, Torts.” Now I’m no law expert, but I did take the LSATS once upon a time, and I’m pretty sure Torts is a law class, not a type of law to practice. This was confirmed by an actual law student. Fraud. I found out later that this fool was actual an intern at a law firm. Now, riddle me this. SINCE WHEN IS BEING AN ‘INTERN’ THE SAME AS BEING A LAWYER?? Last time I checked you had to actually attend law school, but what do I know? Clearly he thought ya girl was a fool.

The second gentleman told me friend that he worked in the medical field. So I’m thinking he’s a doctor, nurse, surgeon, something cool like that. Fraud. You’re a janitor at a hospital.

This is the kind of tomfoolery that leads us women astray when trying to have an honest, successful relationship. We meet idiots that cannot even be honest about their occupation.

I’ll give you another example. I was at a barbecue a while back, and this boy kept eying me. I wasn’t really into it, but there’s no harm in being sociable. So we’re talking, and I asked one simple question. “What do you do?” People he went crazy. You would think I called him a murderer, or asked him if he had herpes or something. He goes “ What kind of question is that? Why would you even ask me that for? “ Excuse the hell out of me sir! We’re all in our mid twenties. At this point in life, you should be doing something with your life. Whether it is going to school, working, selling crack, making babies, I expect that you are doing something with your life. This is not a WEIRD question. Honestly, I found it hilarious that he was so offended. I can’t even recall what he said his occupation was, I was so shocked by his immediate reaction

The point is, honesty is the best policy people. Be fucking real. You’ll get more respect if you tell the truth. Whether you’re between jobs, whether you have 2 kids or 45, whether you’re taking time to ‘find yourself,’ you’re in school, you’re working, whatever. That’s real for you. None of us is meant to go on the same path. But if you’re willing to lie about things in the ‘getting to know you’ phase, what else are you lying about?? Hmm…

Other fraudulence I’ve noticed is those who talk about being in a relationship, love, dating and all that, but don’t practice this in real life. For example, don’t give out advice about impressing a girl, when you won’t make the efforts to do so in your own life. Please. You’re fraudulence is offensive. Same thing with girls who talk about wanting to be in love, and just give the goods out to anyone who takes them.C’mon now! You can’t get mad when a guy doesn’t call you back, when you slept with him upon first meeting. What exactly does he have to work for now, he already got what he needed. If you’re a guy, stop complaining about how girls aren’t worth you doing a, b, and c. If you treat every girl you meet the same, of course you’re going to get the same results. Not every girl is a ho, bitch , golddigger, etc. What your line of thinking should be is, “ I’m taking this girl out. She seems like someone I could possibly get to know, and date, I’m going to be a gentleman and show her a good time. “ Even if that means you gotta splurge and get that 2 for $20 Olive Garden deal. . In order to have what you want, some changes may need to happen. The first is to stop bullshitting, and back what you say up. You want to date and be in a relationship? Be open about the possibility. Be willing to change some negative self talk you may harbor inside. Stop frauding.



One thought on “Dating Fraudulence:Exposed

  1. I love this! but of course I have to address the fraudulent women in this case. In my opinion I had a similar experience not spefically liening about occupation but lieing in general about being in relationship. we went on numerous dates, we had great conversations a lot similarities few differences but overall we had a lot in common. we dated on and off for 2 years , Remember were both single I am a person that goes off vibes and feelings and if i get the feeling or vibe that we off that wen i start to distance myself. She took me out for drinks 2 months ago to celebrate my bday and she brought me a belt as a gift for work because she knows i have to dress professional okay cool. we went out on a Thursday night hit her up the following day everything was cool. i hit her up that weekend no response that Monday i texted her Gm she didn’t reply until the afternoon. i tried to call her that later on that evening no answer, I tried to call her the following day no response. Im like im confused because normally we speak everyday even if its for 5 mins or 10 mins. after that i believed she tried to reach out to me the next day but i ignored her phone call and she tried to call me the following day and I also ignored her call. remember we dated on and off for 2 years so this was nothing new i was experiencing from this girl. I jus accepted as she had someone else in her life and i just decided to move on. Going back to the Main topic Jus Keep it real if u trying to get to know someone on intimate Level, Keep it real clearly this women was involved with someone else but was unable to tell me. Being real comes at expensive cost you cant expect realness from Cheap people.


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