What Kind of ‘Single’ Are You?

Disclaimer: This blog does not discriminate against happy couples. After all, none of us want to be single forever, and our topics will reflect all audiences, single or taken. Thanks, MGT

So, do you ever stop to think, if you are single, WHY? I mean, sure maybe ‘you haven’t found the right person’, or you’re ‘spending time trying to find yourself’ or something like that. But to some degree, there are a few of us who do things that prevent us from meeting potential mates. Maybe you have a bad attitude. Maybe you’re shy. OR, maybe you come across as unapproachable. Let’s sit with this for a moment, shall we? All of us have said to one of our girlfriends ( or guy friends)  at least one time, ‘THAT’s exactly why they’re single.”

In case you never REALLY thought about this, there are different types of ‘single.’ Allow me to lay some education on you.


I bet as soon as you read that, someone’s name popped into your head. We all know this person whether     they are male or female. This type of single always something negative to say, is constantly pessimistic about prospects, and is most likely the angry, raging drunk you try to avoid going out with.The man/woman hating single says things like:

“N*ggas ain’t sh*t!”

“All girls are hoes, forreal.”

“I don’t trust these hoes.”

“F*ck that B*tch!”

“I f*cking hate guys!”

“I damn sure don’t trust these n*ggas.”

(Rolls eyes). The reason why they’re single? Because they’re negativity is a HUGE turn-off. No one wants to be around a Negative Nancy all the time. If this is you, hope you’re prepared to be single for the long haul.


Personally, I think this type is more for women. This is the girl that cries and quotes romantic comedies often. Everytime it’s girls’ night, you can bet your bottom dollar, this single stays with the most current rom-coms.  Her favorite romantic favorite romantic film? DUH, The Notebook! Ugh. She still believes in ‘prince charming’ and happily ever after with two point five kids, a white picket fence, and a dog. Vomit. This single lives in a constant dreamworld, because their expectations are far too unrealistic for them to meet someone they can see themselves with. Your perfect mate is never exactly how you pictured them in your dreams. Although it would be fucking amazing if my ‘prince charming’ looked like Idris Elba. Just sayin!



Now this single is a blast in a glass, a real party animal. They are always down to rage, and never go home alone after a night of binge drinking and bad decision- making. These singles are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now, and when you’re in college it’s fun. Y.ou O.n ly L.ive O.nce right?! But it’s all fun and games until you get herpes. These singles will never be taken seriously by a potential mate because they give up the goods for everyone. Hoes aren’t winning, unless you’re Kim K or Amber Rose.

    The Sad, Whiny Single

The MOST ANNOYING single person. This is the single that is always bitchin’ about being lonely all the time. Every Facebook status and Twitter update pertains to loneliness, being single, and finding ‘the one’. Usually complains about how ugly/unattractive they are. Most likely, this single is the crying, emotional drunk you just wanna slap because they are ruining your buzz.

Case In Point…

Everyone’s stat is about how amazing their bf or gf is and how they couldnt live without them. I wish that was me. 😦 #Lonelytweet)

  (she sounds pathetic and needy.)

I’d cuddle every night with my girlfriend…if i had one. #LonelyTweet

 ( -_______- stop that! Are you serious?)

No one ever answers my phone calls or calls me back. #lonelytweet

(sounds like a personal problem…)

This single will FOREVER be single because they are whiny and annoying. No one likes a killjoy, and insecurity is a very unattractive quality people. You can’t expect anyone to see your worth, if you don’t even know your own worth.



I hope this is the kind of single most of my readers are. Of course, all of us have been each of these single individuals at some point in time. But I hope at this point, you got your own or are working towards it, and definitely take care of your business as far as education or employment. Sure as independent singles, we want to settle down, and find someone to share our lives with. But we’re not CONSUMED by the need to be with someone. We’re too busy enjoying life, and reaching our goals. Out of all the types of singledom, this is the best one to be, in my opinion.

I hope this gave you something to think about.


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