Welcome to 2020.

So we made it, ‘The Roaring 20s’ …how weird!

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Every time I think of that phrase it reminds me of this musical I was in during 9th grade, called ‘The Roaring Twenties.’  It was about Flappers, there was a lot of tapdancing, I had a duet with a kid named Michael. Although ya’ll will never see footage of that in real life, TRUST ME, I slayed!

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Anyways, you know how it is when we’re transitioning from one year to the next. The promises we tell each other via social media, about losing weight, saving money, being a better person blah blah.

I was thinking about the past year, and I think I’ve talked a bunch on here about how it went. I’m just thinking a lot about working hard, and working silently as the new year begins. I’m wondering what the next ten years will look like, and I’m excited. I’m really excited to get better, dream bigger, and continue to evolve.

My first weekend of 2020 was spend deep cleaning my apartment, sleeping, working out, and beginning my new vision board for the year. Every year I think I’ll outgrow them, and there were periods where I didn’t do them. But I realized when I looked at my 2019 vision board, that I had completed the majority of my intentions for the year. PRAISE.I also realized that I hadn’t put moving on my board, which is kinda dope. To visualize a goal, manifest it, even when it wasn’t initially planned, makes me feel good about other things I want to work on.

I’m still in the process of decorating my new apartment. I use the term ‘new’ because I’ve only been here for 6 months and it still feels very surreal to be living in my own. Anyways I’m pumped because I ordered mad shit on Wayfair and had planned out my Friday night to put all the things together. I’m looking at my handy work, and after a few hours of work, finally decide to head to bed. I’m sliding into them sheets, when suddenly the bed caves in. Now I’m freaking out y’all. The bed frame is only a year or two old, now I’m panicking that I gotta spend mad bread on a new one, I’m googling bed frames, it’s crazy. Something made me lift up the bed again, and I realized the foundation was loose. The piece that holds the bed frame was in disarray, and I remembered I had moved my bed earlier. I located the screws that had fallen out and went to work to re-attach them. Ten minutes later, my bed is sturdy again.

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It made me think about life and what I want for y’all and myself this year. Don’t start anything on a shaky foundation. If it don’t feel right, whether it’s work, relationships, whatever the case may be, re-examine it again. Fuck history, pay attention to RIGHT NOW. Stop focusing so much on what went wrong. You deserve good things, start telling yourself that. You deserve relationships, no matter what kind, that are rich, supportive, and positive. You deserve to live comfortably.  Give yourself everything this year, and this decade. You owe it to yourself.

Let’s begin. 



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