Black Panties: A Webseries


It’s officially springtime in NYC. That means the four- wheelers are out, pastel colors are frequent, and the sleepy city has finally woken up, ready for something new. That means some of your favorite shows are coming back, and a chance to be put on to something new. That’s where I come in. People, I’m here to put you on a new webseries coming this May called ‘Black Panties.’ In a time when the best and brightest new black creatives are sprinkling their magic in entertainment, this web series is like no other. 

Black Panties is the story of vulnerability and womanhood collide. Mahogany, Valerie, London, and Juice; four friends in the concrete jungle of New York City, experience love, betrayal, mental illness, and the magic of womanhood through a woman’s intuition.

I had the chance to interview the creator, Francina Smith, on her new series. 

What is the series about? 

Black Panties was written to give a platform to plus size women to be honest with the world through storytelling. It was created to open up more opportunities for plus size women actors. Black Panties defies the statement of the DUFF, funny fat friend, and every other stereotype connected to Plus Size women, while also telling the story of truth about the woes of womanhood.

What would you say your age demographic is? 

I would say 20-35. 

What made you want to start this webseries? 

Well, this project started in 2015. I majored in Theater in college, and was in the process of auditioning for various productions. I started to become tired of hearing the same results from auditions; I got tired of plus sized African American women being portrayed as caricatures. I decided to create my own series. I worked on this for a year, and we held two auditions in December and January for the parts of Mahogany, Valerie, London, and Juice. 

What shows influenced you the most growing up? 

I loved Living Single. I appreciated how authentic the show was, as well as the body diversity of the cast, early on. I appreciated Khadija  (Queen Latifah) role so much, and it stuck with me. I also loved Sex and the City, Golden Girls, and Good Times. 

What do you want people to take away from the show? 

That a women’s intuition is God. Women are complex and delicate, and it’s my hope that the show provides laughter, understanding and defines stereotypes. 

Check out the trailer here and be sure to grab your tickets for the upcoming screening of ‘Black Panties!’


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