‘The Come Up’ Presents: Raven Roberts

Happy Valentine’s Day ! I am squeezing some time in today to catch you up on some thangs. First off, check out my new Valentine’s Day Podcast here:
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I’d like to introduce my fellow blogger boo, stylist Raven Roberts. Originally from Cali, she’s out in NYC doing the damn thing, check out her interview!

Swank Stylista vintage 4

How did you get into styling?

o I fell into while working at an electric car company. Everyone knew I was into fashion so my co-worker asked me to help his girlfriend with an event for a web series and the meeting turned into me styling the web series.

What is your experience thus far styling in NYC?

o It started slow but I believe I’ve got my momentum going. I’ve made a lot of great connections in a short period of time. I’m still learning the city and the industry here but I’m excited for what is on the horizon.

CLASS ACT-3 copy

Styled by: Raven Roberts

 How would you describe your style?

o I wear what I like. I’m loving the all black look right now but I do love a great vintage frock. Thrifting is my first love, I’m all about a great deal.

What does your style say about you?

o Usually that I like to be comfortable but chic. I’m all about my Nikes since I moved here.

 Favorite part/ Best part of your job?

o That I get to do what I love to do everyday. I get to make my own schedule for the most part and my job is different from day to day.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

o All over. It could be a post on instagram, a garment I see at a press preview or even someone walking down the street.

What advice would you give to aspiring stylists?

o Assist in different areas of styling to see what type of styling you like best. It will help you to get insight on that aspect of the job.

Quote you live by?

o Nothing is impossible with God.


Styled by: Raven Roberts

IG Twitter Website

 IG: @_ravenroberts

Website: http://www.ravenroberts.com

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