Modern Day Flirting

flirt2 Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe, OkCupid, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to new age flirting.

In an era overrun by likes, heart emojis, and insta-DMs, it gets hard to sort through all the social media to recognize what’s real. Times they are a changing, folks. We have definitely we’ve come along way from passing notes in class.

Modern day flirting definitely has its pros and cons. The plethora of social media outlets gives you a way to connect, that would have been unheard of 10-20 years ago. You can now contact potential bae on a variety of platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, or Bumble. For shy individuals like myself, social media gives us the confidence to speak when we normally wouldn’t. Successful relationships that start online are no longer an anomaly- because its that hard to meet and connect. It really is. I think it’s important to be open-minded, as your soulmate may not be in the same city as you or even the same country. And all of those who scoff at those out here trying to connect can have a seat. You have been blessed to have met your soulmate easily. Don’t come for others because their love stories don’t mirror yours. It doesn’t have to.

Of course there is good and bad to everything.


Your cell phone is now used as a safety crutch in social situations. For example, you’re at a party. Maybe you came with homegirl and now she’s hitting it off with the host. You could try and make friends, and there are some cuties at the party too. But, you don’t know how to approach without being awkward. It’s totally fine, i’ll just stand in the corner and scroll through Snapchat, IG, and Twitter, until someone talks to me. Congratulations, social media has officially made you and awkward turtle.

Our generation is fucking awkward. Everyone is SO worried about being uncomfortable, that we don’t even try. There is a serious loss of genuine, organic interaction, because there’s too many options to avoid feeling uncomfortable in person. Likes/Emojis can be misinterpreted as a level of interest. Which can be dangerous. You develop feelings based off of smiley faces and DMs. That’s not always the BEST way to build. Also, if shit goes awry, there is always a papertrail of your interactions, that can and may be used against you in a groupchat. I can’t tell you how many screenshots of fuckery get sent to me, how many times homeboy’s texts are displayed in the groupchat to laugh and mock. I’m sure it works the other way around too.

I think it’s important to be cognizant of how social media affects your social skills in real life. It’s valuable to be able to present yourself, sell yourself, let the world know that you are so much more than 200 likes. What i’m saying is, you should be awesome online and off line. It’s all about confidence, and not depending on social media outlet to let the opposite sex know you are worthy and valuable. You should know that already. Be fluid in your approach, whether it’s through text or at a social gathering. Whatever ways you decided to connect with someone is on you, just be able to do both.

Be open-minded. It’s 2015. you might not meet bae at a bookstore, or at a party, or through a friend. He might slide in your DMs, and that, my friend, is just fine. Love is love, even in the digital age.

always_ mlove

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