Girls Talk About the Booty, too.

I’m gonna let ya’ll in on a little secret. About to blow your minds. Girls. Like. Sex. Ain’t that some shit?!

Women watch porn. Women have vibrators. Women talk to other women about that time they got the best head of their life, they talk about the best sex they ever had, WE TALK. because WE LIKE SEX! even that one prude friend who never wants to talk about it. She like it too.

We call each other sluts and whores but get mad when men call us that? What part of the game is that?

We equate having less sex with purity and chastity, but according to whom? Whom are we trying to be pure for?

Men. Who don’t worry nearly as much if at all about how much pum pum they are getting or how many bodies they are collecting.

We all know the double standard exists and that it’s unfair. But the standards we hold against other women is also bullshit.

Don’t look to your girlfriends to give you the ‘okay’ on your sex life. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Worry about you and your vagina.

Girls love judging each other and calling each other hoes and sluts. We love making a big deal about body count. We judge.

Let me ask:

Have you ever lied to your girls about your body count?

Have you ever lied about having and STI or STD?

Have you ever pretended to ‘like’ doing something, when actually you’re not?

Have you ever lied about being a virgin when you weren’t one?

Or pretended that you were more experienced than you were?

Have you ever had questions about sex but didn’t wanna ask? Chances are, you answered yes to at least one of these.

Whose judgment are you most afraid of? Why is your sex life anybody’s concern?

I truly feel like more women would be willing to have more sex if we knew we wouldn’t be scrutinized for it.

All the sex-‘slut’ (labeled this by men/women)

No sex- ‘prude,uptight’ ( sexually inexperienced becomes a stigma as you get older

The only vagina you should be concerned about is your own. It’s none of your damn business what other women are doing and vice versa. In regards to your homegirls, if they really rock with you they will let you be great. You wanna have sex, have sex! Have all the sex. Just don’t be an idiot about it. Use protection, be safe, and take care of your vagina.

Truth is, we all want it, we just don’t want to be played or used.

We don’t want to trun the risk of failing, knowing you’re not equipped to catch us. Or that you don’t want to.

It is a constant internal battle between what we want and what we need.

Sometimes you have to be strong/patient enough to wait for both your wants/needs to be met simultaneously. That is difficult, we get lonely, we have needs. Sometimes we slip, and that’s fine, because we are human.

That’s my little sex rant. See ya’ll when I see ya’ll.


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