While You Were Sleeping…. A Recap

While you were sleeping….I’ve been on the grind! I thought it would be dope to let ya’ll know what I’ve been up to. Ever since I read the Desire Map, I’ve been blessed to have more opportunities to write and talk about relationships. This past week, I was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with Raven of SwankyStylista.com, on a Blogger Networking event, hosted by Bare Minerals. The event consisted of a makeup tutorial, cocktails, finger foods, and networking. It was super dope meeting other bloggers in the NYC area, and getting some great makeup in the process. Here’s a few flicks:


My ABSOLUTE favorite part of the event was how enthusiastic the women were. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to converse with like-minded women, all passionate about blogging. Be sure to look out for more networking events in the coming months!

Did I mention…..

paperbackfront_753x930   THE BOOK IS OUT!Everything you need to know about growing and monetizing your blog. Bonus features include MY chapter on How To Stay Motivated. It’s now #36 on AMAZON woot! Purchase below!


That’s all…..for now. 🙂

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