Just My Thoughts….

thinkingStarting a new series, called ‘Just My Thoughts.’

This will be shorter posts on random shit I think about it. Read on.

When did we become so afraid to be honest with the opposite sex? It seems as though, both males and females are so scared to really say what they really want. Everyone is afraid to have the hard conversations. Like, for example, the conversation about sex. When you first start sleeping with someone, why is it so awkward to ask if your counterpart is sleeping with anyone else? Or, when was the last time you got tested? These are all normal questions. It’s important to know if your partner is valuing your sexual safety and cares about keeping you both safe. Yet I don’t know anyone who has this conversation, when it actually needs to happen. I also don’t know why talking about STDs and getting tested….is awkward. I just got tested, and it does something for your peace of mind. Everyone should know their status. It’s responsible, you’re an adult. Get it done.

I was also thinking about having the conversation about what we want, when we meet someone we really like. Why are we so afraid to actually SAY what we want? It’s okay, to want more than what you’re getting. It’s okay to want to be in a relationship. It’s okay to want to have sex with only one person, and demand that.

Personally, I don’t want to be tight-lipped about what exactly I want. I feel like, we all need to be more comfortable having an uncomfortable conversation. This is your life. You decide how you want things to go, and you have more control over it than you think.

Just my thoughts, people…



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