The Kind of Guy YOU Should Date.


I just came back from an absolutely sparkling trip to DC. It was legit, one of the best weekends thus far in 2013. I met a lot of genuine, interesting people. I raged my face off. I saw lots of cool monuments and ate banging ass food. Essentially, it was epic. While I was visiting, I discovered the exact type of person I should date. Thus, the inspiration for this blog post. I’d like to share with you, and also give you some friendly advice on the kind of guys you ladies should be dating.

1. Date someone who makes you laugh.
Personally, I love to laugh, and have a generally silly disposition. Laughing burns calories, and also makes you feel good. Your boo boo should be making you laugh on the regular, because it’s good for him and you. Funny guys are sex.

2. Date someone who is genuine.
The world is full of fakes and phonies, and sometimes it’s hard to find the real. When you find it, hold on to it. These people are rare this day and age.

3. Date someone who makes you feel alive.

My ideal mate is someone who awakens my spirit. Someone who brings out my inner child. As an adult, everyone tells you to be responsible and shit all the time. I want my soulmate to remind me what it’s like to be a kid again.

4. Date someone who is consistent.

NO ONE HAS TIME FOR EXCUSES. Don’t waste your time dating someone who makes excuses for why they can’t call, text, or spend time with you. IF they want to be with you, they will make time, no matter how busy they are.

5.Date someone who calls you.

I may be alone on this one. But texting is by far the most impersonal way of communication. When I say this, I always refer to the scene in Sex and the City, when BIG sends Carrie a billion emails. I love that shit. It doesn’t matter that it’s 2013, there is something romantic and vulnerable about hearing someone’s voice. That my friends, is timeless, just as your love should be.

6. Date someone who reminds you of how beautiful you are.

I look disgusting in the morning. Filter or no filter, everyone has eye crispies and morning breath. MY ideal mate is someone who looks at me and says,’ she’s fucking gorgeous,’ even though I have toothpaste on my t-shirt and my headscarf is lopsided.

7.Date someone who is ambitious.
What’s it like to live a life, with no ambition? I pray to God I never find out. I’m not saying that your ideal mate should have 17 degrees, a house, and a 401K. I’m saying that both of you should be striving to better yourselves, and working towards a goal. Otherwise, it’s easy to become complacent and waste time. Time is not ours to waste, ya dig?

8. Date someone who will claim you in public.

You are not ‘the boo.’ You are not ‘ the homegirl.’ You are not ‘ the come over and chill girl.’ You are not ‘the sidepiece.’ You are the girlfriend, the fiancé, the wife. No other nicknames are acceptable.

9. Date someone who comforts you.

You should be with someone who rubs your back when your face is in the toilet after too many shots of tequila. You should be with someone who wipes your tears away. You should be with someone who rubs your stomach when you eat too much. Finally, you should be with someone who can sit with you in silence, holding your hand, after you’ve had a hard day at work.


You’re worth being loved. You’re worth being told that you are loved. You are worthy of all of the love and affection in the world. You deserve someone who realizes it the first time they lay eyes on you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited to meet my soulmate, and am perfectly content waiting until I meet someone will give me all of these things. So should you. Be well.


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