This is Becoming Comfortable [More Poetry.]

I always write best when I’m really happy, or really sad. I’m neither at the moment, but getting over someone you care about makes for good material.

[I Had To Let You Go.]

I had to let you go.
calls went unanswered, your voicemail echoing in my ears
the warmth was fading, the light was dimming
It’s almost out, but you don’t acknowledge the change
It’s nothing but silence
As I scream at the top of my lungs, ‘why are you so afraid of me?’
my voice bounces off empty walls into oblivion
Unshed tears burn behind my eyes
My mouth in a grim line
My anger ebbs
I straighten my back
Chin high, eyes stare forward
I walk away
I feel bits of you reaching for me
Clinging, tugging at my feet, at my arms
I wrestle them away, a silent roar of protest
No more.
I had to let you go
As the seasons change, so does my spirit
Stronger and stronger, sinewy muscles tighten
My heart beats harder, fighting.
Fighting any part that is left
Connected to you
I can’t. I feel you sucking me back in, and I push hard
willing you out of my heart, out of my spirit
I had to let you go.

PLEASE be on the lookout for my youtube page, ‘aclosedgap’ coming soon. same shit, dating, love, & the bullshit in between. except you get to see my face! get excited.


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