Are You Passionate About Anything Besides Pu$$y?


I’m starting to wonder about these Negros. Like really. It seems that pu**y  is the only thing they are trying to obtain these days. Yes, we all like to get some of course, but what else are you thinking about, besides what vagina you’re going to penetrate next??  I’m wondering, are you passionate about anything BESIDES getting laid? Where are the soulful, intellectual boys out there?

This topic stems from a convo with my roommate about a recent lecture given by the famous Talib Kweli. She was so blown away by his knowledge, and passion about culture. She said he’s so socially aware, and an activist. It sparked a conversation about how attractive it is when minority men are passionate about what they do. Whether it’s music, poetry, human rights, and the so-called ‘struggle’ , passion equals immediate sex appeal. It got us wondering, where are the real men at?

Now when I say ‘real’ I don’t mean ‘ I need a man who can provide for me’ bullshit. I’m talking about men with PASSION. Yes, we all live in our own little world, and our lives are filled with work, family, friends, and other obligations. I’m talking about, what wakes you up in the morning? What makes you mad? What gets you FIRED UP? It should be more than just bagging bitches, and putting rims on your Cavalier. It should be things that actual MATTER.

What do I mean? I’m gonna share with you a few things that get my panties wet, things that get me fired the f*ck up. SEXUAL HEALTH. WOMEN’S RIGHTS. SEX TRAFFICKING. EDUCATION. These are the reasons I get up in the morning, and do what I do… because it means something. I want to make a difference, and put my stamp on the world. I want to have a voice. And let me tell you, there is NOTHING sexier than a man who is equally passionate about some type of issue or cause. THIS, gentleman, is what makes us college-educated women hot and bothered. Get the hell on it.

There is nothing wrong with being from the hood, and reading a little bit. I’m so tired of meeting Negros who act like they’re above reading. Education=swag. Act like you know. And newsflash: girls dig educated thugs. You can still keep your street cred and stimulate her intellectually.

The next time you walking through the city, blasting 2 Chainz, perhaps you could stop in Barnes and Noble (it’s a book store, in case you’ve never heard of it ), and pick up a copy of ‘The Outliers’ or ‘ Crime and Punishment.’ Who knows what kind of intellectual, educated shorty you could scoop. The possibilities are indeed, endless.


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