Women in Wellness: Tahirah Jarrett

Wellness is defined as “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.”

I can think of no better time for wellness to be an intentional focus in our community. Which is why I wanted to center the good works of Black women who are dedicating their time and energy to take care of themselves and their village.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tahirah Jarrett, creative developer and wellness advocate. Tahirah currently works with Kindbody, a fertility clinic where she works to ensure all patients are adequately cared for. Tahirah discusses her wellness journey and why it’s critical for Black and Brown women to be intentional about their self care.

Can you tell me about your work with Kindbody?

I started my journey into fertility and sex tech in the midst of finishing up a bootcamp course in software engineering and the begining of a pandemic. I realised my passion for wellness has always been centered around encouraging women to take care of themselves. That’s what led me to Kindbody. Currently I work on the admin team making sure all the patients are being cared for efficiently during their visit. I also dabble in helping the marketing team curate experiences that make black and brown women feel comfortable.

When did you first begin to focus intentionally on your wellness?

It was in the darkest moment of my life that I started to focus more on my wellness. There were so many signs from God and the universe showing me my light. So I started to do whatever it took to step into it. There was a time when I would only focus on it when I was vulnerable and when I was good, I neglect my practices. So I’d say the past 9 years I’ve been on a healing roller coaster. I can say that the past 3 years I’ve been more consistent with prioritizing my well being.

What are some misconceptions about wellness?

Some misconceptions in my opinion, is that everything is always love, light, crystals, and cute tarot decks. Firstly, that can’t be everyone’s journey because it will contradict with your ordinary lifestyle. People think that picking up these rituals that they’ve found on Youtube, they’ve mastered what it is to be well. But are you actually doing the work?

How do you hope to impact others through your work?

I hope that I get to touch the lives of folx who sometimes lose sight of seeing themselves as a force. I want my work to be rooted in healing and heritage, allowing people to align themselves with their most authentic self. So my work comes in so many forms, my ideas are limitless.

Can you share what it has been like to work professionally within the intersections of tech and wellness?

It’s been a very unique transition, yet felt so familiar once I fully tapped in. To be able to bring work within my passions and creative hobbies is a blessing. I want the world to see how fast the health and wellness industries are adjusting in this pandemic and taking such a leap of faith into technology at such a pivotal moment in history feels like the beginning of something beautiful. I feel like I’m honoring my teen self by doing the work that I do and it feels amazing.

Why should Black Women focus on their health?

Black women should focus on their health because it’s the only thing we can claim as our own. Our bodies. Without it functioning properly, our entire life can become off balanced. We do ourselves a disservice when we aren’t kind to our bodies and the universe to be honest. It’s our birthright to make sure we know how to operate holistically on a healthy path and I want women to reclaim themselves and grow into being a healthier version of themselves.

How has the pandemic and racial unrest impacted you?

Moving back to New York from London in the middle of a pandemic in the midst of the protests for George Floyd- I really had to think about what it means to be Black in America. All the things that I thought I knew didn’t reflect half of the things I was learning. I feel like people really showed their true colors during this pandemic and I’ve never felt more empowered to be audacious with who I am.

How do you keep yourself whole?

I keep myself whole by putting my solitude and self-care first. Experiencing life day by day with the people I enjoy the most. I’d most definitely say my love language is words of affirmation, so when I receive I make sure to always give back. This year my focus is my business and growing in my community, so these days it’s making sure I can be present in all that I do to make it happen.

To keep up with all of Tahirah’s work in wellness, follow her on Instagram: @tahirahasha

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