AnOpenSecret’s First Event: The RE-Cap

Ya’ll, I did it. I really did it, and I still can’t believe I pulled it off. A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to throw together a pilot event, in hopes of 1) getting more exposure for my beloved blog 2) gain confidence in putting together my OWN event from start to finish 3)gauge feedback.

I won’t lie, I was for sure shitting my pants the day of. I was thinking, no one is gonna come, the convo is gonna be dry, who do I think I am putting this together?

Well after two whiskey old fashions, I was ready to go. I have to say, I feel really good about it. The conversation was interesting and honest, the women were open and engaged, and all in all, the vibe was great. I feel way more confident in my abilities to host, and it feels awesome to have met so many supportive people in my corner.

Here’s a few pics from the event:

Jessica enjoying dinner, shots,  and talks on all things sex:


Brandi, our raffle winner! She got a sweet bottle of wine, a copy of ‘The Five Languages, & movie passes! Woot!


All the girls at my first event. Everything I wanted: honest, intimate conversation with diverse set of women.


Stay tuned for upcoming events, hosted by yours truly. I’m on fire!  

One thought on “AnOpenSecret’s First Event: The RE-Cap

  1. Last night was soooooo much fun. I’m looking forward to coming to more events. Thanks for allowing me to be a part! And I got to see you two days in a row…mad hype!! You should do one before the summer ends.

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